10 steps to sell online with your blog and not die trying. Roger is a specialist in Inbound Marketing and today he brings us several tricks to make ourselves known with a blog and sell through it. He helps us focus our strategy so that we don’t waste time and hit the nail on the head when using the blog as Content Marketing. Let’s see what to do to avoid making mistakes with a blog.

What can you sell online with your blog

What can you sell online with your blog. Through your blog, you can sell everything from digital products to specific services. These are ebooks, tutorials, video courses, online services, offline services, etc. The range is quite wide. 10 steps to sell online with your blog and not die tryingIn my case, I am selling, for example, an ebook and soon I will also have a video course that I am now selling through Udemy. And there will be more . Probably, if you are not familiar with this topic, you are wondering how you job function email list can turn a blog into a platform that accepts payments. Well I have good news for you. There are solutions in this regard that are easy to integrate, for example with WordPress.

How does online sales really work

How does online sales really work. Now I want to tell you about a topic about which there is usually some confusion. Stay with the following. You don’t have to be an e-commerce expert to be able to sell online. You simply have to have knowledge about how online sales really work. That is, in the same way that I have told you that to sell online it is not necessary that you stick to setting up Caseno Data an online store of physical products, it is not an essential condition that you have experience in the e-commerce sector to earn money through sale on the Internet.

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