If you then combine them with a training course , you will increase your chances of obtaining concrete results and improving your business. 1. Collect feedback from existing customers One of the best ways to increase sales on social media is to collect feedback from existing customers. This will help you build trust with them, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase again . The feedback you collect will enable you to improve your product or service or the communication that revolves around them. What drove your customers to choose your solutions rather than those of your competitors? What is most important for them to know about your products?

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You can ask your current clients questions like these Iraq Phone Number Data both online and when you meet them in person. You will be amazed by all that simple questions can help you discover. Online, you can use Instagram Stories to reach your audience with polls or open-ended questions. Or if you have an email list, you can prepare a short survey to send in your next newsletter. You can use Google Form to create the survey to integrate into your email marketing campaign, or on a page of your website. 2. Valuable content marketing There is one important thing that every marketer or entrepreneur must remember when marketing a brand or : people don’t care about your products or services but what they can do for them.

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This means that when you create content Africa Phone Number you must always stop  and think about the usefulness of the content for your audience . If the answer is that that content has no use but is only promotional for your products or services, you should avoid continuing to create it. Create valuable content : Social media is a great tool for building your reputation and authority in your industry. Show your expertise by providing your audience with a suggestion on how to solve their problem that falls within your area of ​​expertise. You can think about entertaining the public through funny images and videos, memes, or quizzes that challenge the user.



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