Keep this idea in mind because what I’m about to talk to you about has to do with the concept of connection so extensive that it transforms into freedom. Connection with nature The decentralized revolution of Social Media The social media scene is constantly transforming and new platforms are entering the digital landscape. Let’s leave the most famous ones aside for a moment, we can mention Mastodon, Hive, Bluesky and finally Threads. These names may not be familiar to everyone, but they all share a common thread: they are part of the decentralized social media movement . We had already heard of decentralized social networks, but with the arrival of Thread. Centralized mainstream social networks, i.e. Meta. 2024 will be also opened the doors to a new term: “Fediverse”. Soon I’ll explain what exactly it is.


To really understand

what the Fediverse is and how it Cambodia Phone Number Data can impact social media, we need to take a look at decentralized platforms. Unlike the social networks we know, decentralized ones make use of technologies such as blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to spread data across multiple servers. In simple terms (the more technical of you, we don’t mind this), this decentralized stuff is like an antidote to the lack of privacy and control we often feel on traditional social media. The data is not imprisoned in a solitary server, but free to roam around various servers. And when these networks connect. Communication between users becomes seamless across all platforms.

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2024 will be The Fediverse

Embodies the essence Russia Phone Number of decentralization , offering users the  ability to follow, interact and share content across different networks. Values ​​such as privacy, independence, community and connection are at the heart of this movement. But despite the hype around this concept, the Fediverse has not yet swept away traditional social media. Even with the arrival of platforms like Threads, which seem promising in their decentralized approach, the overall structure is still similar to old social networks .



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