60 SEO Strategies: Web Positioning Techniques and Actions on Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a world full of strategies . Web positioning in search engines is a challenge for those companies and businesses that want to position themselves on the first pages of Google organically. Or, in other words, how to position yourself on Google without making ads. And below we are going to tell you the best SEO strategies according to the experts. Get ready to take note of all the SEO strategies and techniques to position websites with SEO told by the experts that you can put into practice in your projects.

How to know which keywords attract traffic

How to know which keywords attract traffic. The Google Search Console performance report shows a table with the keywords that generate clicks and impressions. In addition, it also shows the CTR and the percentage of people who click. This will help us decide which keywords to attack. In fact, we can look at the keywords that already bring traffic and email contact list order them in columns of impressions, from highest to lowest. The impressions of each keyword are equivalent to the number of searches it has.

How to analyze the SEO of landing pages

How to analyze the SEO of landing pages. To analyze the impact and traffic of the landings or pages, we continue with the Search Console performance report. After ordering them from most clicks to least clicks, we should again observe and analyze. On the other hand, we could update that article, taking advantage of the fact that it already has a certain age, authority and incoming links, and add new content talking Caseno Data about these 2 topics. As you see, there is no absolute SEO strategy. The key is to decide with common sense, with criteria and launch into experiments based on data.

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