A physical location to hold a conference. Don’t try to bring your clients to you go where your clients It’s much easier. Here some simple questions you can ask yourself to find the right place where your client in which points of sale (online and offline) do they sell your product what dtribution channels currently working for you do you sell directly to companies or consumers do you sell directly to your end customer or do you have to go through intermiaries where your competitors the customer should always at the center of your decion but it important to also include aspects of the other ps that we already dcuss.

Define the objectives

Promotion th neil patel’s favorite p the one he blogs about the most. Promotion! Once the previous ps have en optimiz it time to promote your offer. And to clear when neil patel talks about promotion he’s talking about not just getting your brand seen mobile app designs service out there He’s talking about generating revenue. What’s the point of promotion if you can’t drive sales with all the channels available on the web which ones do you start with first he recommends that you go here and put in your competitor’s url.

Define the objectives

If they large you will see data on how much traffic they generating what keywords they rank for on google the sites that link to them and talk about them and even how many social shs they generating. If they small you won’t see any data. You will have Caseno Data to put in a bigger competitor. Another site you should use similar web . Put in your competitor’s url and you’ll see tons of data on how they promote themselves. The good thing about the web today that there a lot of tools available that make your life easy.

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