There is a gain in power for your brand ! Brand recognition SEM, SEO and PPC: strategies that complement each other If the concept of SEM seems very similar to the concept of SEO , know that they go hand in hand! But, in a Search Engine Marketing strategy , we ne to consider the presence of another element that can also ensure that you always appear in the right place, at the right time, for the right person: PPC ( acronym for Pay per Click or, translating, Pay Per Click). While SEO is about optimizing websites for organic search engine results.

And SEM can be explor in different ways

PPC is behind sponsor links — those ads display in prime positions in search results, generally above organic results. And SEM can be explor in different ways, working with different mia within search engines (organic and paid), as well as different content formats (text, image, video…). Remember that before I comment on the purchasing journey of your potential customers ? This is what you ne to take into account when new database  defining your strategy! Because, when we talk about achieving results with SEM, in my view, we are talking about closely responding to search intent . So whenever you want to position your company on.


Google for a certain keyword

Present your products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — I’m talking about your website (or blog) ! But don’t think that it’s enough to just keep all the information organized there. To sell, you need to appear to your customer when they are looking for your solution. And that’s exactly where the support of an SEO agency becomes essential to boost your results ! If you still have questions about how an agency can  Caseno Data  help your business , keep reading to clarify them all! Orgânica is an award-winner SEO agency.

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