The article has been read 13972 times INDEX What is WHOIS and how it works. The importance of the website being owned by you. The content of the website must be owned by you Welcome back to my blog. If you have recently built a website. Or have used a web agency it is very likely that it will work beautifully. Therefore, But are you sure that your website is registered to you and not to someone else. But the ease and services of DIY site builders. Often hide situations that are not always clear.

The website

You can’t imagine how India Telegram Number Data many times, in recent years. I have received calls from potential clients interested in redoing their website, without access to the administrative area of ​​their old site and without access to the hosting control panel . Those are things that can most of the time be resolved but very often it happens that the potential customer doesn’t even own his website and domain. In practice he is not the owner of the house because someone else has the keys. Therefore, So now, as usual, I go to consult WHOIS and discover. bitterly, more times than you might think.

Telegram Number Data

The content

Feels it has the right to take the website and its  domain hostage by blackmailing Iran Telegram Number the customer. Asking him for sums of money for the delivery of the keys to the site, and therefore ownership of the same. I consider this shameful to say the least. The customer many times. Rightly ignorant on the subject. Therefore, Supports the fraudulent company convinced that this is the practice. But is unaware that it is absolutely illegal and that If only he turned to a lawyer he could get everything back for free. if the image was taken by you or your employee. it is your property.

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