I work with a group of technicians and collaborators, to also satisfy SEO, Social and Marketing needs.” Everything I have written up to now has been transformed, and over time will continue to grow and mature, into a portal that has a good first impression for those who visit it, in line with the service that is offered. Seriousness and competence of all those who still work on the project every day are the basis for creating. Therefore, something unique! And as far as I’m concerned, I am very satisfied with this 360-degree collaboration. Therefore, both with MIND THE GROUP and with all the collaborators. Therefore, working on the project, such as Matteo Zacco who took care of the part linked to the creation of the logo.

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Why would you recommend Gianluigi? Reliability, seriousness and Vietnam Telegram Number Data competence What the customer says about our collaboration Basic psychologist apex We wanted to launch a new project and needed an SEO friendly web portal. We chose Gianluigi because he is a professional who has demonstrated seriousness and competence, and who works with a group of technicians and collaborators, to also satisfy SEO, Social and Marketing needs. During the online interview which took place on Zoom. Therefore, he immediately made an excellent impression on us and conveyed his competence and clarity of the professional offer.  a portal that is very well navigable.Therefore,  intuitive and with excellent graphics, in line with the service we offer.

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Gianluigi is serious, reliable and competent Philippines Telegram Number and we will certainly turn to him for other services related to web design. Therefore, social media or web marketing in general. BASIC PSYCHOLOGIST CEO & Founder. Mind The Group srl stars Gianluigi Canducci. My name is Gianluigi Canducci, I am an expert in web marketing, web designer, consultant and social media manager based in Cervia between the provinces of Rimini , Ravenna and Forlì Cesena.

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