It may be one of the most customizable themes and has the most configuration options, which can be good for some people and confusing for others because they can modify almost everything. With its free extension, you can customize almost every post, showing hidden and custom logos, headers, footers, headers, sidebars, changing colors Well, you can do real tricks! You can also completely customize blog pages and individual entries, showing hidden information, changing the stacking order, and other options.

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 Its Pro version includes many extensions ( plugin) that you can add to your website   special data  as needed, which will give it the features you need: notifications, full screen, footer annotation, pop-up login, side panels, sticky header, sticky footer and other theme features: Active installs:. Rating: Star, Full Star. Featured Features: Multiple Custom Options. The free extension can customize each type of post individually. Integrate with the best page builder. Ready to go. Optimized for. Professional edition includes .

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 Pro allows you to customize each post: hidden title, width type, hidden sidebar Recommended for: All types of websites. Price: It has a free version and a paid version, starting in the US dollar year. Support: Very good, close and always willing to solve problems. Here you can  Caseno Data  take a look at the full review I made on it. Generate news If you want to use an easy-to-customize theme that will have little impact on load speed and has a variety of uses when designing your website, this is a good choice for you.

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