You’ve certainly heard of the big news sites like the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press . These sites have spent years building consumer trust and earning lots of links to their articles. I think it’s fair to say they are industry leaders. If The New York Times links to your site, it will convey much more link equity than a link from a personal blog because it has a higher domain authority . This isn’t to say that links from smaller sites aren’t good – in fact, if only because your audience might frequent smaller. 5 tips for more niche blogs. But just remember that different sites have different values ​​for search engines when you are creating your linkbuilding strategy .


Let’s recap

High-equity links can help boost Qatar Telegram Number Data your website’s ranking, but links from smaller sites are just as important. This can put you ahead of the competition in search engines, resulting in valuable traffic that can turn into actual leads and revenue for your business. Ok, so now that I’ve quickly explained the basics of link building , how do you build links for SEO? Because 100 euros for 30 links is dangerous for link building Here I am to explain why 100 euros for 30 links is dangerous for link building (and if you then add the writing of 30 articles it’s even worse).

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5 tips for different sites

I don’t have proof, at least for now, but I’m going China Telegram Number by reasoning, and who knows if instead of creating websites and e-commerce it wouldn’t have been better if I had dedicated myself to clairvoyance. If my client buys the links I will be sure to update this article at the bottom, but I sincerely hope that, after our call, he doesn’t. I would like to point out that the customer is a very attentive person and an excellent listener, but I understand well that if you are not in the profession, it is often easy to fall into the hands of those who present themselves as what they are not.



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