Social Commerce: Selling Directly on Social Platforms

Social Commerce The impact of COVID-19 pushed people out of their comfort zones. While it is uncomfortable, it is also the best way to grow. With so many in-person business case meetings, networking events, and trade shows put on hold in 2020. LinkedIn became an even more attractive option because. It has 63 million decision

The Power of Micro-Influencers in Niche Markets

The Power of  By now, it’s no secret that marketing and technology go together creating a marketing like gin and tonic water. (Or mustard and ketchup.  Naturally combined to enhance the overall experience. Today, it is almost impossible for marketers to perform without the right tools and technologies in their arsenal. The world of marketing

Strategies for Selling High-Value Products Online

Strategies for Selling Businesses, whether online through e-commerce or in the physical space. You offer is always dealing with human beings. People are who we sell to, who we deliver products to, and who we provide service to. The human element of business has always made developing relationships with clients essential, just as real estate

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Techniques

Conversion Rate Whether you’re just starting out or planning cutting through to celebrate your 30th year in business, there’s always room to grow your customer base. But how can you grow your business when you spend all your time running it? It would be helpful to have something quick and easy that doesn’t detract from

Gamification in Online Product Marketing

Gamification in As a global leader in digital marketing. WSI is proud to feature digitally transform one of our consultants to discuss. How you can digitally transform your business in 2021. Kelly Biggs has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, earning her MBA in 2009 and has earned numerous awards, including Best Sales

What is It and What Are Its Impacts on Society

Digital transformation is a process in which companies make use of technology to improve performance, increase reach and ensure better results. What is It is a structural change in organizations that gives an essential role to technology. There are those who think that it is an IT effort or that it involves improving the customer

More Results and Better Sales

Inside sales are the natural way to adapt outside sales. More Results Practices during periods of mandatory social distancing. In the midst of global crises, companies seek to adapt as they can. Those who make the transition will be able to survive and continue to achieve good results. Sales strategies practiced around the world today

Learn about the concept of the Gig Economy

Our society, in the broad sense of the word, reinvents itself at all times. Learn about This dynamism gives rise to some concepts, such as the Gig Economy, a model that uses technology to create opportunities that generate an alternative source of income. Society evolves quickly and changes come so naturally that we adapt them

Discover How to Analyze Your Website With This Tool

GT metrix is a tool that performs extremely detailed website analysis. Discover How Allowing us to fully understand the loading process of our blog. Knowing the download time of each element. Therefore, It is possible to make optimizations to increase the page opening speed. Those who have a website or blog should track some metrics

Discover How This Outreach Resource Can Help You Engage

RSS Feed or Really Simple Syndication, is a resource for real time content distribution based on the XML language. Discover How This technology allows users of a blog or news channel to follow its updates through software, website or browser aggregator. The RSS Feed is one of the most popular innovations on the Internet. Created

60 SEO Strategies: Web Positioning Techniques and Actions on Google

60 SEO Strategies: Web Positioning Techniques and Actions on Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a world full of strategies . Web positioning in search engines is a challenge for those companies and businesses that want to position themselves on the first pages of Google organically. Or, in other words, how to position yourself

Complete Guide to the Google Adwords Keyword Search Engine

Complete Guide to the Google Adwords Keyword Search Engine. If you want to improve the SEO positioning and content of your website. This complete guide to the Google Adwords Keyword Search will help you become a keyword expert. I have compiled basic and advanced functions so that you can better interpret the results. Therefore, generate