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Marketing orientation is focusing on marketing. Confusing concepts should not be surprising also because in practice the effects of both strategies can be very similar. Market orientation, but also marketing orientation, require market research, product development, proposing marketing aime at customers, etc. Market orientation in online marketing Given that market orientation is base on data

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This platform offers a range of tools that can be us to build a brand, increase product awareness and encourage purchase. Here are some tips to help you use Instagram to increase your sales. First, start by creating a brand profile. Make sure your website is professional and attractive. Use photos that reflect your brand

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You don’t even nee to reach most of them! All thanks to a research sample that will be representative of the whole. For this to happen, of course, you nee to choose it correctly. These may be random people – such selection is also one of the sampling methods. Read first what are the differences

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They want to know how, when and where to use the various tools. With a company-wide digital communication policy, you have better control over the usage and privacy of your different communication channels. How to create a digital communication policy for your company In general, guidelines for digital communication are widespread in companies of all

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An essential platform for every digital marketer. At least 50% of Instagram users already follow brands and this number will increase in the future. The question you ne to answer is, “How do I increase my reach on Instagram to target new audiences and turn them into customers?” A few years ago, building an Instagram