If life gives you sargassum… Make your house with it!

The Mexican Caribbean is being threatened by the arrival of sargassum; Satellite images from the University of South Florida show that the amount of sargassum that will reach the beaches of Quintana Roo will be 300 percent greater than in 2018. Their massive arrival could represent serious losses in the hotel industry. As well as

The cost of saying goodbye to plastics, how did we get here?

In the  various advertisements in the print media, radio, and emerging television presente the new element calle “plastic,” which would replace obsolete fabric, glass, paper, or other elements use as wrappers or packaging for daily use. . Nobody imagine that 70 years later, the massification of this petroleum product would be so serious that no

Companies, necessary in prevention and remediation

The national coordinator of Civil Protection (PC) of the Ministry natural disasters of the Interior (Segob) , David León, considered that the national business sector is a fundamental actor in the prevention, care and remediation campaigns of the impacts generated by natural disasters, such as droughts, rains and hurricanes. In an natural disasters interview with

We don’t want plastic toys: girls go to McDonald’s and Burger King

Most children like the idea of ​​going to fast food stores like McDonald’s or Burger King, not only because of the food they offer, but because of the plastic toys that their children’s packages contain inside. This could change. Sisters Ella and Caitlin Mc Ewan, age 9 and 7, launche a petition to the fast

Mini Cooper presents its first all-electric car

All car manufacturers want to join the commercialization of electric cars. Mini Cooper does not want to be the exception. He recently announce that after several experimental models and prototypes, he has finally launche his all-electric Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper presents its first all-electric car Before 2020, BMW’s first electric Mini will be available and

Recycled electoral material; ballots become books

ven presidential elections generate garbage. With the electoral ballots that were generate for the 2018 presidential election, 600,000 textbooks were made that will be distribute in basic education schools throughout the country. According to Antonio Meza Estrada, head of the National Commission for Free Textbooks, the ballots from the 2018 elections were recycle, thus concluding

How much does ecological damage cost to companies?

Caring for the environment has become a relevant issue in society, due to this hundreds of measures have been implemented to reduce temperature, pollution and damage to our ecosystems. However, there are still some that do not respect the agreements and in addition to failing, have caused greater damage. One of the worst environmental catastrophes

Sustainable Olympic medals for Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympic Games are the most anticipated by the athletes and the nation, which will receive thousands of people who will support the participants of this event. Like every Olympic movement, Tokyo wants to be remembere as the best. However, it does not want to do so through the shows it will offer. But

Environmental challenges that Boris Johnson must face

After a long contest, Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom . To get into context, we will explain below who he is. Who is Boris Johnson? A recent BBC article defines this political figure as a cordial and comical person, but at the same time controversial. Another of the predominant themes

Let’s spread awareness for our planet: Coppel

Vegetation provides countless benefits to humanity. From improving the view that we enjoy daily around us, to providing oxygen and cleaning that vital air that enters our lungs. Protecting our forests and green areas is the best way to keep the lungs of our planet alive. Every time we offer care to one of these

It’s time for another economic system: Yunus

More than 50 million people have benefited from credit through Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus. Muhammad has become a social entrepreneur who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. His scheme has been replicated by other banks in the world. But today Yunus affirms that it is time to radically change the economic system. It’s time

Only years to take action to reverse climate change?

Climate change is an environmental threat that citizens, companies and governments are seeking to reverse; This is an urgent problem to address. However, with the help of different initiatives and implementations. There is still faith in achieving it. In the coming months it will be one year since the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change