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Of course, by coding, we don’t just mean learning the syntax of a specific programming language. It’s not just about learning the built-in functions provided by a programming language. We can learn to understand how other engineers solve problems and learn the mindset and principles for solving those problems. We can also change something that

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The field of cloud computing. This prestigious annual competition is hosted by the Department of Education and Education. The culture of Indonesian vocational high school students. “Thanks to the support from all parties and the strong material foundation provided by Dicoding and AWS, I successfully won the bronze medal.” Not only has his achievements been

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which was Story of Career High School Student, Graduate of Cloud and Backend Developer Scholarship Program Entering adolescence is a time of searching for one’s identity. This is what makes teenagers excited to explore all kinds of things in life. Through his active use of search engines, Bima discovered the term cloud computing and began

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Emotions and understand his own existence in the world. self-aware robot Tiyas’ wish to be part of the DTS program came true  Today, we announced the list of selected participants in the program. The list of selected participants can be viewed at the following link: A training session access token will be sent immediately

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Virza, who aspired to become a systems analyst .Within five years, finally won the AWS scholarship. Verza accelerated his dream by landing. His coveted position earlier than expected. Read Virza’s full story and his passion for learning here.  Bintang Fathur Rahman – A rising graduate . Who later became the lead game programmer of a

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Apri invites everyone who wants to strictly compete in the workplace to improve their abilities. One of the best ways Apri recommends is to participate in the DTS PROA program. This program can be the first step for every professional to increase the value of Learning to code brought these 3 people closer to their dreams

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He thinks this study program is a great opportunity for people who are already working and want to improve their abilities. Additionally, Apri hopes to create an easily accessible court office application for the public. True to her vision, April decided to participate in the training program. Honest learning methods Obviously, this is not the

Content consumption via mobile first

Use attractive graphics and videos to attract customers’ attention and encourage them to interact. TUse hashtags. BUse hashtags to increase your brand visibility and reach new audiences. VUse advanc features. Leverage advanc features like polls, quizzes and questions to increase customer engagement. RUse clear CTA buttons. NUse clear CTA buttons to encourage customers to take

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In the 1950s, when almost no company was yet using sophisticate marketing strategies, Toyota Motor Company implemente a multi-stage process that include Ishikawa diagram, Pull Kanban system and many other elements. Over time, lean management evolve from it, and later also agile marketing as we know it today. However, this concept began to gain the

Silos Can Lead To Mismatch Miscommunication

Lastly, promoting integration with easily accessible collaboration tools. The company offers comprehensive solutions that cover the entire spectrum of corporate communications. The goal here is a commitment to improving collaboration and employee productivity. IT department before downloading and installing their own solutions. Can Easily Fail Individualistic Thinking The focus here is on IT control and

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Creating a unique hashtag is also a good way to monitor what content your fans post. If the hashtag is interesting and relat thematically to the brand or its campaign, then the company has a chance to effectively steer the conversation in a direction that is beneficial for it. However, this requires a lot of