Creative stories and stories For the new  Charting the production company. Creativity is everything , therefore. They seek to transmit those tensions of both the brand and its audience and tell them in a way that is appropriate for the objectives and services of the brand, but always from creativity. «This is how you hook an audience. We don’t know if .

Creative Director Charting the of True Story

If nothing happens in your story, or if what category email list you do is a 20-minute ad. The audience tunes out,” explains Álvaro De Cózar. Founder and Creative Director of True Story. In order to meet its objectives. Summer Story offers brands the possibility. Of telling their stories and stories with true meaning through exceptional, creative and inspiring content.

CEO of Summer Agency

Components that Charting the result in quality and Caseno Data effective content to achieve that way . contemporary to be relevant. For his part, Ramón Azofra, CEO of Summer. Agency expresses that this new project is not presented. As a project for stories for brands everyone. Highlighting help you create. That there are several brands that are not yet ready to put a narrative conflict at the center of their strategies.

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