A clear example of this is the hotel group City Express, which has more than 152 properties in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile. City Express Hotels will begin to produce its own energy to supply of its properties in Mexico with wind energy. City Hotels will reduce their carbon footprint by Luis Barrios. President and general director of the accommodation firm. Told El Financiero that Hoteles City Express will be the producer of 96% of the energy in its properties. “This will allow us to erase the carbon footprint in the same proportion.” Luis Barrios, president and general director of City Express Hotels City Express Hotels is a leading sustainable and socially responsible company in Mexico.

City Hotels will reduce their carbon footprint by

In it became the first hotel organization in the world to receive EDGE and Biosphere certification, in addition to having LEED certification in 7 buildings. Thanks to the implementation of mechanisms and policies aimed at the efficient use of resources. The hotel company has a goal: it wants 100% of its hotels to have innovation Denmark Phone Number List initiatives in energy efficiency. And in this way reduce electricity and water consumption by , year after year. It should be noted that on this front. The hotel chain has manage to reduce approximately of its energy, water, gas and garbage generation consumption in the last 5 years. The hotel company’s ecological project began last September. When it signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at a fixe price for years to supply its properties with wind energy. City Express Hotels anticipates a saving of more than in its energy consumption expenditure.

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We are in the process of measuring energy meters. The Federal Electricity Commission has to change them to enter the renewable electric energy contribution system. And by the end of the France Phone Number List year we are making progress regarding the carbon footprint, all of this translate into current spending is an impressive saving, Barrios explaine. According to El Financiero, the savings are expecte to be reflecte in City Express’ finances after a year. The wind energy will come from Tamaulipas. And its carbon footprint will probably be reduce in a short time.

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