Water scarcity, pollution, collapse ecosystems, intense heat, among other effects of climate change that are already occurring today and that are completely damaging the planet. These “symptoms” could devastate all plans planne for 2050 if the correct measures are not taken to stop climate change. All of this information is found in a recent think tank report by the Melbourne-base National Breakthrough Climate Restoration Centre. The report predicts a bleak future in which more than a billion people are displace food production declines, and some of the world’s most populate cities are partially abandone. Its foreword is written by Chris Barrie. A retire admiral and former head of the Australian Defense Force, who said that “after nuclear war, human-induce global warming is the biggest threat to human life on the planet.

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An apocalyptic future is not inevitable. He points out. “But without immediate drastic action, our prospects are poor.” According to CNN data, Andrew King a climate science professor at the University of Melbourne who was not involve in the report, said its findings were “plausible,” although he did not expect human Belgium WhatsApp Number List civilization to end in . Investors sound alarms about climate change “Without a doubt climate change is a major threat to human civilization. He said. “It is the details that we have to specify.” King said that while he expecte all of the problems mentione in the document to occur by such as displacement of people and food shortages. It remaine to how widespread they would . He also note that apart from climate change. Tthere were many factors that could impact global security and how humans react to altere conditions, such as population growth.

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According to data from the report, authors David Spratt and Ian Dunlop, both climate researchers. Warn that climate change currently poses a “short to medium-term existential threat to human civilization.They drew on existing scientific research and scenario planning” to predict that if global temperatures rise by 3 degrees Mexico WhatsApp Number List Celsius by 2050, 55% of the world’s population across  of its land area would experience more than 20 days of lethal heat per year. Beyond the threshold of human survival.” In that scenario, many ecosystems, including those in the Arctic, the Amazon rainforest. And coral reef systems, would collapse. In West Africa, tropical South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. There will more than 100 days a year of deadly heat, displacing more than 1 billion people.

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