In a world with hyperconnected users, more informed than ever and with high expectations regarding user experience, technology is the basis of growth models. In this context, Walmeric , a technology company that manages more than 65 million commercial leads annually, has developed a new sales model in which the online ecosystem and assisted sales coexist: Global ROI Hub (GRH). Therefore, this model combines the best of the world of performance and technology, resulting in an incremental sales model that will increase sales x3. Beatriz de Tena, business unit director at Walmeric , explains to us in this interview what exactly this incremental sales model consists of.

Walmeric decide to create a model that helps companies increase their sales

The best way to be linked to companies is by making them gain more clients, making them have a higher average ticket and making them more top industry data profitable. Therefore, global ROI Hub was born from the idea of promoting the growth of large companies in a partner format that helps them discover new oceans of generation. New channels and provide the necessary insights so that all their sales grow more. Therefore, with a consultative approach. We provide our clients with clear guidelines on what they have to do to boost their sales: what channels, how to process their leads effectively and how they can improve the sales convention.

What are the main pillars of Global ROI Hub 

The main pillars are performance marketing and Lead Management technology, which at Walmeric we have been using for 15 years. Therefore, to define Caseno Data the strategy we always rely on a multidisciplinary approach that includes the digital and technological generation layer and the social context of the services that our client markets. We do a detailed analysis of the current scenario and propose the creation of a model that allows you to sell more, with the most optimized Cost per Acquisition (CPA) possible. Therefore, sometimes we come across clients who know a lot about their industry and their products but do not know what else they can do to gain market share in environments as competitive as the current ones. 

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