WhatsApp so that you don’t have to know the email of the other person who will receive the file. Comparison, free and paid plan You have already seen the advantages of using the paid and free version. when I want to send presentations or videos to clients and other colleagues .since they are usually heavy. How LinkedIn files that are impossible to send by email. I hope this article is very useful and encourages you to try the tool now. What did you think of WeTransfer, do you use it.

How LinkedIn

If you have already used it, tell me email database what you think of it and if you have just discovered it, I encourage you to try sending files through this platform and tell me your experience. I read you in the comments. And if you liked the post, I encourage you to share it on your social networks. Thank you Alex Castro Posted at 11:59 a.m., March 31, 2021¬† Since I met I use Wetransfer. a lot to share large files if I want to pass specific information to someone. I don’t like sharing with Drive. On a personal level because it takes up space in my own account.

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 Personal Branding and Digital Caseno Data Marketing. 4 Comments Luis Rio Posted at 20:37h, March 30, 2021 REPLY The guide is very complete. Very useful for sending large files and also does not lose quality, How LinkedIn (something very important when sending files for clients and professionals). We share it on our networks for those people who do not know or do not know how to use the platform. This way that problem disappears hehe. A hug Lola .

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