Satisfaction in the company’s environment can be monitored through periodic. Surveys and other evaluation activities that are based on operationally defined indicators. An interesting tool to begin to assess the opinion of workers is the. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS ), which investigates whether. Company Brand They would recommend the organization as a workplace. Also, a network of mentors in the organization would do much more than “ensure happiness”: it would be a tool to generate it. Employees with more experience and skills should. Dedicate some of their time to mentoring those who need it.

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Professional talent, the value of “being a good person” understood as being a good colleague must be included. But statements such as “you cannot be company data a good professional if you are a bad person” that the current guru claims or that become interested headlines to achieve dissemination of the published content border on absurdity. Kindness in the company or “professional kindness” has to do. With social behaviors and attitudes related to empathy and collaboration. Which can be assessed in the job interview and, in general, in people selection procedures. It is interesting that the workplace is also a space for play, fun and sharing hobbies, many of which may have a direct or indirect relationship.

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For example, and continuing with the case of a technology company. During vacation or non-working periods, programming and robotics workshops can be Caseno Data organized. At its headquarters for the employees’ children and friends. This experience has its own brand in the organization led by José Luis: Sngular kids. Of course, annual internal events, whether Christmas, summer or other.

Festive times, have a huge impact on relationships, teamwork and a sense of belonging, especially when dealing with organizations with hundreds of employees and numerous locations. The great competition to obtain the best technological talent can lead companies to use the services of intermediaries and head hunters, which usually involves a large outlay for each professional recruited.

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