Sustainability has also reached the world of marketing. Although it may seem like a difficult concept to fit within the sector, many brands are looking for ways to introduce changes to their business model in order to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly marketing strategy. In recent years, consumers have been changing their consumption habits, and are becoming more ecologically aware. Brand preference has been evolving towards products and services from companies that have brands with purposes committed to the environment. We must not forget that consumers have a great power to influence brands; a change towards more sustainable companies can arise from their commercial relationship with them.

Instead of the classic brochure

Given this situation the only option that companies and brands have to achieve success is to adapt to the changes. On the one hand, to the needs category email list of consumers and their brand preferences, and, on the other hand, to the emergence of new channels and new tools such as social networks or technology applied to marketing. This is how hybrid marketing arises, a fusion of traditional forms of marketing strategies combined with the most recent and innovative ones. Hybrid marketing encompasses both the scope of the strategy. The opportunity to connect with different audiences. Which implies a greater number of potential clients and increases the area of influence. Without a doubt, consumers rule and demand that companies get involved and show empathy with the environment and the environment. 

Reduce : The first R tries

To reduce the impact caused by each of your actions. For example, encourage online advertising campaigns as much as Caseno Data possible. 2. Recycle. Give a second life to the waste generated by the commercial activity of a company. Recycle these materials with the aim of polluting less. Using recycled paper in mailbox campaigns. 3. Reuse. It is very important to find a way to reuse. What still has a useful life so as not to throw away or waste resources that are still valid. 4. Redesign. Brands should try to redesign the products. Services they offer with the aim of finding a way to make them more sustainable. 5. Reject. Work only with suppliers and partners who are committed to sustainability to achieve a completely sustainable business in all its areas.

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