How to become a Social Media Manager Courses for specific Social Media Managers The first thing I would like to recommend to you. Therefore, if you want to work as a Social Media Manager is to train yourself in the right way, the ideal would be to acquire T-shaped training, as I explain on the page dedicated to my courses . You might think that I have a certain interest in giving you this advice because one of the courses I teach is precisely in this sector, I’m talking aboutProfession Social Media Manager. In reality this is not the case and I will explain why. Every marketer has responsibility for the operation of someone else’s business .


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Our client wastes his budget. Every professional, as such, should have Philippines WhatsApp Number Data respect for this. So my advice is sincere: before doing damage, get trained! Would you ever be a doctor without a degree? Here, if we want to give value to the profession of Social Media Manager we must do it from the basics. Field experience and internships Getting your hands dirty helps you understand many things. In addition to attending specific training courses, you need to gain practical experience in the field of social media , learn to communicate with customers and make your ideas count (which is not always easy).

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One or more training courses are just the Hong Kong Whatsapp Number beginning of  your journey. I’ll summarize what you can do in this list: – Prepare a list of brands or personal brands you would like to work with; – Contact your list and propose yourself as a Social Media Manager , explaining how you can improve their communication or pointing out mistakes they are making; – If you want to work in marketing agencies, send an email with your resume and use your copywriting skills to impress them.Follow my advice on how to write an effective presentation email. Many underestimate the importance of the presentation email when sending their CV, but it is precisely the one that can make the difference.

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