Inaccessible internal and external links are a problem. The increase in the number of crawling errors and broken links is not only not welcomed by Google. But also is a very negative situation in terms of SEO . I hope you can benefit from our article to either delete previous topics on your website or to detect and fix connection errors caused by software. These tools that we will talk about not only detect broken links on your site, but also check the status of external links leaving your site. What is a broken link? Detecting broken  These are pages on a website that cannot be accessed for any reason and give errors.Therefore, fixing broken links is also important for SEO. It also negatively affects the user experience.

The increase in inaccessible

error-prone site links is one of the situations that negatively Vietnam Phone Number Data Affects user experience and therefore SEO success. Why do broken links occur? Deleted pages or a deleted image file or an external link that does not work can create broken links. There are two types: external broken links and internal broken links. How to find broken links? Org checklink you can scan from this address. The W3C site is not only used as an analysis system that checks html errors and for code verification purposes. Today (2012) While browsing the W3c Validation site, I found another service, I think it is very nice and it is free. This service analyzes the link exits on your site and helps determine whether there are unreachable links or not.

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Detecting broken After determining

the unreachable broken link is an internal USA Phone Number or external link, you can do ¬†research and replace it with a new site address. Thanks to these analyses, you can detect and resolve internal links within the site that cannot be reached due to reasons such as deletion or url change . Fixing broken external links is pretty easy. You have two options: Remove the link completely Replace the link with a valid link Redirect. What happens if I don’t fix it? Is it important for SEO? Of course, correcting or deleting unreachable links is important for SEO. Broken links, which are a waste of time for Google, will also negatively affect the crawl budget.

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