In my decades-plus experience, a digital strategy should always be based on your core marketing objectives , whether that’s driving more search traffic or converting more leads, and your website design should be neatly incorporated into this plan. As a digital marketing professional I can help you create a targeted and cohesive marketing strategy, but above all one that bears fruit over time in a constant and exponential way as I am doing in this period with a new project which has seen the creation of a website tailor-made for Basic Psychologists .

Digital marketing consultancy

Do you have doubts, questions or do you need  Mexico Telegram Number Data and we will set up an online call or an in-person meeting Digital marketing: how to define objectives and target audiences But let’s get back to us… the first steps to create a digital marketing plan are to clearly define your objectives and your target audience .the creation of personalized apps and the indexing of websites on Google. I am available to small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers and personal brands looking for someone with experience and dedication.

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Keywords are phrases

Once you have your goals and audience in mind, you USA Telegram Number can proceed with designing your website to best reflect your marketing strategy. Your digital marketing plan should include the following: Keyword research : The first thing I do before launching a new website is to identify the main keywords and phrases and to do this I use specific tools to do keyword research. Keywords are phrases that directly refer to your products or services. Start with the most specific keywords and phrases and move on to less specific phrases that are still relevant. I have over 10 years of experience in the field and together with my collaborators I deal with the management of Instagram accounts and Facebook pages and their sponsorship with targeted social ads.

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