crisis. This model simplifies the context and allows us to define the appropriate responses to the situation of lack of control experienced. Now companies have to be able to understand the new context and environment that surrounds us to seek continuous solutions that allow them to clearly see all the scenarios they may face. This way they will be able to execute detailed analyses, which will later be tested to ensure agility in the implementation of changes. What is most valued now? The urgency to rethink our socio-economic and consumption model The

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 importance of productive and food sovereignty: local production The capacity for resilience and creativity Sustainability as a key element of the survival of people and the planet Social networks and community value Therefore, « companies will have to rethink what they have been doing until now and take advantage of the new opportunities that are presented to them : hyperconnectivity and digital  b2b leads  revolution, adaptation and anticipation of changes, moving from immobility to action, promoting collaboration and ensure decisions based on data,” says the speaker. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: LEADERSHIP, A KEY FACTOR IN BUSINESS

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organizations as living and agile organisms that are characterized by: Growth strategy focused on creating value for the client and its maintenance throughout the commercial relationship Network of Empowered Teams: People are given clear responsibility and authority to achieve commitment, inventive solutions, and greater results. Attentive to changes Caseno Data in the environment on their own initiative (they use customer experience maps, forums) Rapid decision and learning cycles Creation of shared vision and purposes Dynamic staff model that ignites motivation Next-generation enabling technology

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