An amazing repository of the paradoxical encounter between culture and garbage. and I locat Cross Country . by Esther Seligson. a book in which that passage was cit. Pleasantly surpris. I discover that those lines belong to a work by. Emil Cioran. Embd in the the skeptical Romanian writer. Entitl The Fateful Demiurge (it was no coincidence: Seligson is a renown translator of some of her works). That book – I remember – was on one of my bookshelves. but for who knows what reasons I had not finish reading it: it would come to me later. when I discover a bookmark peeking out between its pages. the place where I interrupt reading it. The ition I have has another title.

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The Evil Demiurge . a literal translation compar to that other one. a little freer and. without a doubt. more accurate in terms of the meaning of the work. which had been conceiv by Fernando Savater when he translat it into Spanish. . Savater (and this is told in Todo mi Cioran . a magnificent book. which I will deal with at some point). an enlighten introducer of the Romanian writer’s work in Spain in the seventies. consult the relevance of his proposal – El aciago demiurge – with Cioran himself. He. somewhat disconcert by the suggestion. ask a Spanish cook for information on the meaning of b2b leads the adjective that Savater propos as part of the title. and satisfi with the explanation. he immiately agre. Standing in front of this work. rescu from what perhaps would have been an indefinite stay in the purgatory of half-read books.

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I thought: «Cioran in the Lima metro. Not only Cioran between the anonymous hands of a guy standing in the middle of crowd people waiting with resign automatism to board a mobile enclosure that transports users like cattle. “To read The Fateful Demiurge right there.” I told myself. “is to honor Cioran.” Yes: in that insignificant and labyrinthine subsidiary of the absurd. his acerbic and sharp prose. disillusion and catastrophic. fits with ironic perfection; It is like walking a path in Caseno Data darkness with a powerful flashlight. but tenaciously keeping it off. knowing that what will appear before its light. regardless of the direction in which it is point. Embd in the will always be a scenario that is not only incomprehensible and hostile. but also an unbearable ugliness.

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