Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is growing in importance for any business operating online. The reason? SEO is one of the main ways people find your brand online – using SEO writing amongst other tactics – so where you rank is crucial.

After all, the number one spot on Google gets a 27 percent click-through rate compared to only a 0.63 percent CTR for Google’s second page according to Backlinko.

An SEO competitive analysis (as an add-on to a full digital marketing competitive analysis) will allow you to see what your competitors are doing with SEO and how you compare to them.

Analyze their SEO Strategy

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company you should know who your competitors are. This not only applies to the products or services you sell but also to where you rank on search engines – your SEO competitors!

The first thing to do in identifying your competitors is to make a list. Look at your keywords and website searches that you want to rank first for and see what websites or companies come up.

Analyze your competitors' content

There are also some great SEO competitive analysis tools out there that can help you. SEMRush has a competitive analysis tab that will give you insight into other websites that are ranking for the same keywords. KW Finder is another tool with a competitor option to consider.

This will also help you find sites that you may not have heard of or considered so it’s a good way to unearth competitors.

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