what in jargon is called local SEO. Usually search engines like Google tend to show results for offers that are in the user’s immediate vicinity by taking into account various data, such as the network signal, the IP address or the information that users release daily on social networks network. Therefore, Those who manage websites and offer products targeted on a regional basis have various possibilities to exploit on-page optimization which, in the SEO field, is based for local SEO on local and regional keywords.


Let me explain better

if you visit my web page dedicated to the services India Email List offered as a web agency that creates websites click here to see it you will notice that the text I have written is made up of many keywords (the famous keyword research) which serve to understand to Google that I create websites and e-commerce sites throughout. Therefore,  Italy and I have deliberately put the main keys. The ones that must attract the reader’s attention, in bold. As you will have understood, to be successful with local SEO you need to go through various techniques.

Email Data

Geotargeting in relation

The exact same procedure for the web page or Mexico Email List landing page created specifically for those who reside or work in the province of Forlì Cesena, but in this case in addition to having structured a specific URL containing the local keywords that I wanted to intercept I went to create a textual content with a local keyword research and with three calls to action clearly visible which invite the reader to contact me if he wants to create a website or e-commerce in the province of Forlì Cesena. Finally what did I do? In addition to including images of websites created locally. I added some reviews from customers from Forlì Cesena who created their own website with me. In this way you are sure of obtaining more visibility at a local level.

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