After a long contest, Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom . To get into context, we will explain below who he is. Who is Boris Johnson? A recent BBC article defines this political figure as a cordial and comical person, but at the same time controversial. Another of the predominant themes in Johnson’s career is his leadership in the face of the Brexit movement, with which he stated that he will separate the United Kingdom from the European Union, with or without agreements. The president is not afraid of challenges, but the inhabitants of the United Kingdom have other concerns as a result of Brexit, and the decisions that the prime minister makes regarding environmental issues or green policies.

Who is Boris Johnson?

That is why the Edie News portal approached green economy experts to create a list of six challenges that the new minister must face, with the aim of bringing the correct climate action in the United Kingdom: 1. Deliver a green retirement agreement With Johnson being the main leader planning to leave the European Union, citizens Poland Phone Number List fear that the United Kingdom will leave Europe without any protected environmental regulations. Upon learning of Johnson’s appointment, both the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the Aldersgate Group called on the new Prime Minister to provide security for the UK’s food and business sectors, through of a withdrawal agreement that explains what this environmental regulation would be like. 2. Implement net-zero measures Since the goal of Net Zero Energy Building was established, a certification used to ensure that buildings meet high energy efficiency.

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Deliver a green retirement agreement

Discussions have focused on how the UK can meet this ambition where there are carbon-intensive activities, such as airports, and how it should place certain taxes appropriately. Bring sustainability and economy together The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IMEA) is the body representing Sweden Phone Number List sustainability professionals in the UK. The organisation’s chief policy adviser, Martin Baxter, says now is the time for the Prime Minister to pay attention to sustainability, making this issue central to a new economic model in the UK. Martin Baxter also assured that he looks forward to working with the new government to build on the work already underway with a new Environmental Law, and to support the delivery of the UK’s net-zero carbon target by 2050. 4. Commit to the low-carbon transport transition Although electric vehicles exist, the transportation sector has struggled to reduce carbon emissions in ordinary cars.

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