Total retail survey by pwc (source. Page 15) engage your followers to share their stories today it’s all about authenticity and original content. So why not try your hand at a user-generate content (ugc) campaign? Go all-out and organise a contest or simply run a series of polls to test how engage your audiences are. People like to be include in your marketing efforts. Giving them the option to pitch in and have a voice will help create loyalty. Polls are always a quick and easy way to get clear and specific answers. (and give you more organic reach on instagram and facebook) contests.

Identify Your Competitors

On the other hand. Allow for more creativity. Become a world class digital marketer show love to the singles approx 50% of people are single in develope markets.12% treat themselves on valentines day. Consumers are buying gifts not only for their partners (husbands and wives) but also for their co-workers. Family. Friends and pets. 19.9% of customers spending money on presents going to those cute. Lovable furry friends. Compare to only 10.3% buying for their co-workers. Experiment with taglines like “treat yourself this valentine’s day” or “delicious meals for you and your friends” when selling regular products desire by single adults run with the most relevant hashtags hashtags make your more discoverable and will engage users more.

How to do an SEO Competitive Analysis

Here are some key ones you should know for valentine’s day. Valentines day #valentines 14.345.454 #valentineay 2.386.104 #valentinegift 1.055.201 #valentinesnails 351.747 #valentinesdinner 153.906 anti-valentines day #single – 17.9m posts #galentinesday – 537k posts #antivalentinesday – 59.2k posts #whoneesavalentine – 11.8k posts create a last-minute gift guide offering a last-minute valentine’s day gift idea that includes your products/services and others (non-competitors). Pick romantic-theme and self-love items (or paire products. Like a best seller with chocolate) and showcase them in a post or story. “i love you” with greeting cards. Which 46%. 55% buy confectionery 36% will buy flowers.

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