In this social network, users are more predisposed to generate business collaborations. Great place to look for new professionals to join your team. You are aware of all the news and developments in the sector. Difference between personal profile and company page on LinkedIn There are numerous differences between a professional LinkedIn profile (incorrectly called a personal profile) and a company profile. with the company account, visitors will be able to know who they are, while with the personal account they will not. In the company profile you reinforce and work on the corporate image of your business. Benefits of in the personal profile you focus your efforts on your personal brand. 

Greater confidence

Business as a business strategy email contact list that can impact more than 690 million users. A website of its own. The email address must be a business address. Those addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo. Are not valid. Make segmented advertising. Promote your brand and show your services or products. Company pages are very passive unlike professional accounts (the former do not invite interaction). In professional profiles you can use LinkedIn Pulse, a way to publicize your professional skills, with a company profile that is not possible. If you are a business and you have a company page. Benefits of you will give greater confidence by having all its information united in one place.

Benefits of LinkedIn

Conditions for Caseno Data page for companies. When creating a LinkedIn account, it is first necessary to know a series of guidelines that you must follow. This section can help you clarify your ideas if you are a freelancer or self-employed person who works alone and is unsure whether to create and work on your strategy in the company profile or in a professional profile. Differences between personal profile and LinkedIn company page A personal LinkedIn account is more focused on a person or professional, a company profile is more focused on an entity. In the personal account you cannot run advertising campaigns while in the business account you can. If you have a team of employees.

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