Welcome back to my blog. I have always supported the importance of structured data within a website. whether it is a simple showcase site or a complex e-commerce site. When I create a website and/or an e-commerce one of the first things. I do is go to Schema.org , the best community whose main mission is to create. Maintain and promote the main schemas for structured data on the Internet , web pages , emails and more. I’ll tell you a secret, if you don’t know it yet. Your chances of getting a rich result. Can improve your rankings by making the website more attractive to search engines.

Designer colleagues

The best way to be successful in online Thailand Telegram Number Data marketing is not just to have a good website, but a website that is recognized and ranked by the main search engines. In previous articles I have written several times about the importance of positioning a website in the top positions of search engines and among the many precautions. Which unfortunately many web designer colleagues omit. There is the fundamental importance of optimizing the images for the e-commerce side SEO .

Telegram Number Data

The importance Search engines

Google first and foremost, always tend to favor websites that Italy Telegram Number they believe to be of value for their users and that best respond to the questions entered into the search. In order for Google and other search engines to classify your website and include it in their search engine results pages (SERPs), they need to be able to read and understand your website. This not only includes the content that users see on your web pages, but also the code that communicates. The structure of your website to search engines. Always remember that implementing structured data. Requires some coding expertise that can be difficult to manage.

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