The creative process Creativity is not necessarily about conceiving a unique and original new idea, but is often based on the ability to connect pre-existing ideas in a new and innovative way. In 1940, James Webb Young, an advertising executive. Published a short but significant guide entitled. Technique for Producing Ideas of which here is an interesting version in Italian, entitled Technique for producing ideas . In this text, Young offered a simple. Important idea about generating creative ideas. In his guide, Young confirms that innovative ideas do not arise from nothing but from the ability to recognize the relationships between concepts .

In this phase

If you can create a new link between ¬†two pre-existing ideas, you’re doing Turkey WhatsApp Number Data something creative. The 5 phases of the creative process According to Young, the process of creative connection occurs through five stages: Collect new material¬† you learn to focus on finding specific material directly related to the project at hand. Process the material in your mind : During this phase, you examine the facts learned from the material you find and think about how to connect the scattered ideas. Remove yourself from the problem. Whether you are prone to stress and anxiety or can’t come up with the right idea for any reason, You can always apply the methods in this guide to gain benefit. New ideas. Remember that having a guaranteed working method is what distinguishes a professional from an improvised person.


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Get inspired

Next, you need to completely remove the problem Vietnam Whatsapp Number from  your mind and do something different that sparks enthusiasm and energy. Let the idea return. At some point, but only after you stop thinking about it, the idea will come back to you with a flash of insight and renewed energy. Reflect on feedback : seek discussion, subjecting the idea to external opinions and adapting it as necessary. Now that you know the phases of the creative process, I invite you to take a step back to understand how the flow of ideas is stimulated. Method.


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