Our society, in the broad sense of the word, reinvents itself at all times. Learn about This dynamism gives rise to some concepts, such as the Gig Economy, a model that uses technology to create opportunities that generate an alternative source of income. Society evolves quickly and changes come so naturally that we adapt them to our daily lives spontaneously without noticing how things change. Some happen for the better, others not so much, but what we must realize is how these new possibilities can collaborate with the growth of something so important, especially in the days to come: our economy.

Learn about The Concept of Gig Economy Come About

The concept of the Gig Economy emerged in the email leads United States. Shortly after the subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2007. The drastic reduction in liquidity resulted in the search for alternative sources. Of income, both for those who did not have a permanent job, as well as for those who needed extra income. It was at this time that some of the main representatives of. This category emerged, such as TaskRabbit and the unicorns Airbnb and Uber. It is a form of collaborative economy that moves large. Total numbers through small amounts of money.

What Are Its Main Characteristics

The Gig Economy has characteristics Caseno Data specific to the model. Below we will show you some of them. Businesses that fit into this modality have been able to bring innovative ideas to the market. They have found a need and have transformed it into an opportunity for a large number of people, taking advantage of digital transformation and using technology as an ally. Those who provide services through this type of platforms organize their time as they see fit. He chooses the projects that interest him and is not forced to do work that does not interest him.

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