Given the global ecological panorama, hundreds of initiatives have emerge to combat pollution, reduce waste and implement measures in favor of the environment. Each of these initiatives have been made known through the media, which have undoubtedly also found that in environmental matters there is much to report and much to do. However, just like any other type of journalism, green journalism is risky. Green journalism is risky In recent years, different international media have heard about persecutions, intimidations, deaths and lawsuits against journalists who make it known that something is not right. For this reason, three dozen media outlets from around the world have decide to join together to investigate environmental scandals around the world together. With the coordination of the Forbidden Stories consortium , EL PAÍS thus joine an alliance with newspapers such as The Guardian and other media and platforms from Belgium and others.

Green journalism is risky

The project, calle Green Blood , is define under the motto: “They silence the journalists. But they will not silence the stories. At least forty of the aforementione journalists have investigate for eight months some environmental scandals where the local press has suffere from violence and censorship. Among the investigations Armenia WhatsApp Number List that El País and other media have been involve in are: Sand Mining in India. Nickel in Guatemala. Gold in Tanzania. These will be release in the following days in more than twenty countries. Journalist deaths Since 2009 to date, thirteen journalists who were investigating environmental scandals have die according to data from the Committee to Protect Journalists, which is still analyzing another 16 deaths. Many others are suffering from intimidation, persecution, violence and harassment.

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Journalist deaths Forbidden Stories

These events have increase so much that in some places in the world, the environmental territory has become one of the most dangerous for journalistic work, along with war journalism. According to El País, business interests, in connivance with security forces and local politicians, have made investigations difficult China WhatsApp Number List in some of the natural spaces where prospecting is carrie out and mining projects are exploite. The search for raw materials in countries with worse working conditions and fewer environmental controls has le to ecological abuses, spills with damage to the health of the local population, intimidation of journalists, priests or neighborhood leaders who dare to protest and even deaths and violations. To provide continuity to the investigations that local journalists have had to abandon, for eight months, about forty journalists have been working under the coordination of Forbidden Stories.

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