There you are gnawing, but objectively you have committed an inaccuracy that it will be better to reflect on. Let’s now see what methods are used to manage haters’ comments and what can be hidden behind them. 1. Respond publicly (but count to 10 first) The first instinct is probably to start with a splendid response in tone : wrong. You would be wrong because a hater didn’t comment to reason with you, but to provoke you. So whatever answer you may give, you won’t find a reasonable person on the other side. In fact, you’ll probably find someone who will take it further . How do we  By responding in kind you will only fuel the so-called “flame”, that is, generating a climate of conflict as an end in itself , and this will fill the minds of the haters with satisfaction. Before responding, ask yourself this question: “Will responding to the comment benefit me or my content.

Contains offensive content

Go for the “strong” means: cancellation or ban If the answer Brazil WhatsApp Number Data to the question posed in point number 1 is negative, then it will be better to delete the hater’s comment . In the event that multiple hater comments arrive on your content and you have already given an exhaustive response in defense of your content. You could delete the rest of the comments. If a comment is objectively inappropriate and. Don’t think twice: delete it. Deleting comments may seem like an action that falsifies people’s thoughts on your content, but I remind you that we are talking about hater comments. I assure you that the difference with a criticism. That brings with it a valid motivation and a certain amount of education (and yes, because we interacted with people who perhaps worked on it to produce a certain content!), you can see and feel it. If you have doubts about the concept of deleting hater comments.

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How do we blog

I’ll give you the example given Cambodia Whatsapp Number at the beginning of this article. if a person  enters your house and starts destroying it, do you have problems chasing them away? You pay for the advertising campaign you started. The blog article you wrote cost you time, research and thought. And I could go on but I’m sure you get the gist, so I’ll stop here. In the event that the comments of the haters are repeated over time, despite your commitment to reply or delete, a ban is the definitive solution. Personal blogs and all social platforms allow you to ban unwanted users. You must also pay attention to those who create new profiles. With false identities, in order to bypass the ban and start commenting again.

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