The purpose of the landing pages is to be able to find all the useful data that can bring the internet user closer to a company that wants to sell its products both online and in a physical store. An example is the site. I created for my client from Ostuni Francesco Caroli . Therefore, Wedding Photographer who mainly operates in the province of Brindisi as a wedding photographer. An easy technical use of geotargeting allowed me to find the necessary. Data to facilitate local search through the user himself who provides some specific information.

Geotargeting in relation

Naturally, some fundamental criteria regarding Hong Kong Email List privacy must be respected and then it must also be considered that the voluntary entry of data on the web also depends on the attitude of the user, who can more or less trust the site itself and consequently leave or not your private data. There are other systems that take into account the geolocation API. Therefore, although in this case the quality of the information also depends. Therefore, on the activated technical settings of the device that the end user uses.

Email Data

How geotargeting

We must not forget all the other techniques Malaysia Email List offered by IP targeting , in which the central network signal is used for localization via the IP address of the device from which the user connects to do their search. It is not difficult, when browsing online, to find websites and e-commerce sites. Therefore, that contain online forms that require the postal code or that require you to set the desired language. In this way it is possible to detect. Therefore, important information in terms of geolocation which allows us, over time, also thanks to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.


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