With me all this doesn’t happen and will never happen. Immediately, as soon as the quote for the creation. Therefore, of the website has been accepted. The ownership and ownership are exclusive to my client. Are you having problems with ownership of your website and need online advice. When a client signs a web consultancy contract with me. Therefore, that the domain and hosting are in his name. He therefore become owner of it. Furthermore, I don’t see why I should hinder. Therefore, the migration of the website to another professional. Therefore, when the ownership of the site belongs to my client and I have already received.

How long  Various constraints

I will have the access credentials only Iraq Telegram Number Data to provide customer assistance and for the maintenance cycles of the website but in the event of termination of the relationship I will hand over the website in its entirety without blackmailing anyone and without asking for money. Furthermore, I am available to facilitate the transition to the new professional without hindering in any way any procedure for transferring. Therefore, the website . I like to think that a customer stays with me because he is happy to do so and not because he is forced by and blackmail.

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The way I see it, a partnership must be Kenya Telegram Number created between ¬†the client and the agency , because the conditions are that the collaboration must last for years. It’s not always obvious what problems a bad collaboration can create, but it’s easy to become hostage to a web development company or a “cousin who builds websites.” Conclusion While development contracts that place restrictions. Therefore, on the creative ownership of a website receive a lot of attention, the situation that often leads to the most questions or problems is one in which the web development company.

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