First of all, to create a successful blog you need to have something to say ; starting from this indispensable assumption, let’s see together what benefits a blog can give to your professional activity or your company. Unlike everything you can write on social media, the blog is yours , you make the rules without being subject to what social media decides for you. Being visible on social media is not always free: the distinction between organic content and paid content is clear; certainly no one is stopping you from trying to have free visibility but if you want to come across this adventure. How to you will soon realize that it is not enough. On social media, without advertising, you die, baby! Crash what?

How to Resource capable

Yes, you move on to a better life with few likes or followers. Creating a Japan WhatsApp Number Data blog means having a resource in your hands. That allows you to earn without doing anything. And if you’re now thinking that what I said is crazy , let me explain. Nothing, or almost nothing, because in fact you have to write the blog articles! Here’s what I mean: imagine that each blog article you write is a soldier that makes up the army of your business that fights the battle to win traffic (many people interested in what you propose) to drive to your website.

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Every time you publish an article

He runs to get in line, like a good soldier, equipped Turkey Whatsapp Number with sword and shield. Posting is his signal to unleash hell and you, dear blogger, are free to go and make yourself a coffee. Yes, you can have a coffee right now, then come back and I’ll tell you how the battle ends. The blog created on your domain is a precious resource capable of responding to Google , more precisely the blog gives you the opportunity to use many keywords in your website which correspond to more opportunities to appear in the list of search results of a user.

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