Don’t worry about giving too much and for free through your blog. Because if you manage to write useful articles to your audience, they will in turn reward you by choosing your products or services.  Here are the steps that I recommend you follow to write effective articles capable of winning the battle for gaining traffic on your website. How to Concentrate on the topic you want to write. The article on , excluding everything else. Write down everything that comes to mind on that topic.

How to Effective blog

This first phase is called pre-writing. 2. Once you have  done this you will have put down Laos WhatsApp Number Data the skeleton of your article, now it’s just a matter of cutting, sewing, revising, adding: but in fact you have the article. This second phase is called drafting. This is the moment in which you will have to concentrate on putting your skeleton together in a logical way. Paying close attention to inserting the most important concepts at the beginning and at the end. Make sure that the first part of your article is impactful and very clear regarding what the content of the article will be and how it can be useful to people.

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We have reached the third phase

That of the revision . This is a very USA Whatsapp Number important and delicate  part: imagine publishing an article full of spelling errors. What authority could it give you? What if you misspelled the keywords in your article? A total disaster. It is difficult for you to find errors in a text you have just written yourself on the first re-reading. How to  I advise you to put two techniques into practice: the first is to start re-reading after a long break from the drafting phase, the better if the next day; the second is to have a friend of yours read the article.

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