The first time I received criticism I was sick for 3 days and my head brooded about it for weeks , before resigning myself to the fact that as your visibility increases the possibility of being attacked by haters also increases. My first instinct was to think “maybe he got the content wrong” , in this specific case it was a post on social media. I thought: “I must have written some bullshit” , but I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I read and reread the content and yet everything went smoothly . This happened in the first three days. Then I realized that there was nothing wrong with my content and then I started thinking about what methods I could apply to deal with the haters from then on.


How to deal create a blog

a YouTube channel or a page on social media, you Australia WhatsApp Number Data must be aware that those who see you will be people who think like you and therefore will support you but also those who will criticize you. In this case, we must distinguish constructive criticism from coming from the haters . Constructive criticism represents a moment of discussion between you and your audience, in which your way of responding can change your interlocutor’s mind. Not only. Constructive criticism can contain valuable ideas for improving your communication and content.

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Communication and content

So far everything is very nice. Let’s Vietnam Whatsapp Number now focus on the  criticism of the haters, the destructive one that generates hatred and provocation under our contents. In this article you will find how to deal with it and, when the opportunity arises, make the most of it. You will thus overturn every intention of the hater in question. I created this article to share with you how I deal with haters, both as a business owner and a marketer. My intent is to help all those who, like me, had a heart attack when they read the first comments from the haters .

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