You keep thinking about everything you have to do… You don’t know where to start and you feel a certain resistance… So you say to yourself: I’ll start with something simpler to pick up the pace! And you look at the email. How to overcome Client, client, boss, oops! an offer, let’s see what it is… And before you know it, you’ve ended up on Facebook seeing how cool-influencer everyone’s life is while you’re there in front of your computer, wasting time while you should be working. Has it ever happened to you? Me. And nowadays it is very VERY easy to get distracted by anything (what if Facebook, what if Twitter, what if the mobile phone, what if today the wall is more interesting than ever…). Therefore, today I wanted to.

Tell you about one of

The easiest to use and most effective tools I have to avoid procrastination and motivate myself more now that I am self-employed. It’s about the purposes or, as I call it, “the why”. Let’s go for a post that’s quick to read, easy to share, easy to publish. You fancy. You become aware that what you do has meaning . When you have resolutions, you stop having faith that what you are doing has meaning and start truly believing it. There, procrastination executive email list suffers a hard blow. It is ideal for finding your medium and long-term purposes, but if you allow me, use it only if you have a strong commitment to yourself and want the impact to be in all areas of your person.

How to overcome and mini-goals

Therefore, And being aware of them will help you enjoy that sense of progress, of seeing how you are growing. You avoid falling into the apathy of routine . Thanks to Caseno Data that sense, you get out of the routine and your motivation grows like foam. Cucha, really good. You change “I get up and work because I must” for “Today I am making history in my life.” Don’t you think it’s a big change? You get hair . A lot. You have to go shave, a lot. Laser hair removal companies are growing.

The economy moves. We all grow. Even the one with the polygon cushions, which already has filling… Okay, I’ll leave it. Sorry. In short, when you include resolutions in your daily life, things change . Especially in March. Really, not in a “mega Zen” way, God forbid. But like a little routine of consciousness.

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