Write your current site address where it says previouskisiteniz.com, and write the domain name you just bought and want to redirect to where it says newsiteyour.com. Redirection will occur correctly. It should not be forgotten that after a 301 redirect, the site is redirected with all its negative and positive forms. For example, if you have received penalties such as filter penalty or penguin penalty, you will probably continue to experience the same problem in the new domain. How to do 301 redirects on WordPress sites? Your job is easier if you have a site that uses Worpdress, today’s most used content management system.

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You can manage all redirects with a single plugin. You can use New Zealand Phone Number Data the plugin called Redirection for subpage redirects for WordPress sites. With the Redirection redirect plugin, you can even track 404 errors and keep all details under control through log management. Moreover, you do not need coding knowledge to do these or you do not need to manipulate the htaccess file.  If you are using Blogger, you can redirect your site to a new domain from  Errors and Redirects. Redirect with meta refresh code Meta refresh is a type of redirect that is executed at the page level rather than the server level.

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They are generally slower and not a Latvia Phone Number recommended SEO technique . They are most commonly associated with a five-second countdown with the text. Therefore, “If you are not redirected within five seconds, click here.” Meta refresh, however, is not recommended as an SEO tactic due to poor usability and loss of link equity. Be sure to read! Url structure change guide (Site Renewal) Redirection with meta refresh is done as follows. Thus, even if you do not know any programming language, you can easily perform the following operations.

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