The information nes of the persona. Make the far left column a prioritiz list of the persona’s information nes. How to use this chart First look closely at the pages and verify that the heatmap reflects the copy accurately. And triple check your persona especially if you use AI to generate your personas. If it’s off all of this is wrong. This single chart is a dream come true to the conversion copywriter. The obvious action is to revise your page to make it more informative. That’s the key to website optimization. Improving the clarity should improve both the quantity and quality of leads. Also useful this chart shows the differences in positioning

Between you and

 Your competitors. What’s their focus Is it different from yours How do they talk to the prospect Use those insights to further differentiate your brand. Finally notice the opportunities to address concerns that b2b email list everyone miss. If everyone addresses a specific concern make sure that your page provides stronger evidence than your competitors’ pages. And since you’re already in the AI you can ask it to create an outline or draft for a better page. Chart #2 Email signup conversion rate for every one of your articles (bar chart) Some of your articles inspire action. Others not so much. This chart shows which articles your visitors were reading when

They decid to give

 You their email address. Rather than show the total number of subscribers from each article it shows the conversion rate for each article by factoring in the number of visits. This is the content that grows your email list fast. The highest converting  articles aren’t the highest traffic articles. These are Caseno Data hidden gems. That’s because low traffic URLs don’t jump out at you from Analytics. This report doesn’t exist in GA4. But here it is… chart showing which content drives more email signups How to make this chart The data and prompts First you’ll ne to export two CSV files from GA4 from an account with properly set up goals. The first shows

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