As a company that has been operating since 1999, we help our customers who want to build a website. While there are cases where our customers are references, there are also people who reach us by doing research on the internet. I would like to quote a quote from the conversations that started by calling us or coming to our office saying that I want to have a website or SEO done. , Yes, the customer is your benefactor, but there are situations where your mind is stopped. Or you wonder if this customer sees me as the owner of the world. Ok sir, make your website, have a nice day. Another conversation: Customer: I will have a site, everything will be there, guestbook, forum, etc. Sir, these may not look stylish on a company website.

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Hello, good day, is this Celilcan? Yes sir, how Sweden Phone Number Data can we help you? Customer: I want to have a website built. We will help you sir Customer: I’m calling from Gaziantep. I wrote to companies that do web design and SEO in Ankara, and you answered, or I called you from Gaziantep, Tokat, Tekirda─č, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Kayseri. Does it matter? Thank you sir, I understand very well. Could you please tell me what kind of site you are thinking of? Customer: Here is the site you know.

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There are so many things and meaningless requests Africa Phone Number that we get confused. We are sure that other web design companies operating in the same industry as us are experiencing similar events. Fictional dialogue with a customer who wants to have a website and SEO work done: Customer:Will it be dynamic, static, or do you have any special requests? Customer: What difference does it make, after all, it’s all a site, right? If you give a price? Sir, the only people who give prices without knowing the work they will do are theme organizers or novices in this field. But still, on average, it varies between 750 TL and 2000 TL.

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