The Mexican Caribbean is being threatened by the arrival of sargassum; Satellite images from the University of South Florida show that the amount of sargassum that will reach the beaches of Quintana Roo will be 300 percent greater than in 2018. Their massive arrival could represent serious losses in the hotel industry. As well as strong damage to coral reefs. In addition. Sargassum has polluting effects when it rots on the shores of beaches; It releases gases and filters residual liquids with high amounts of phosphorus or nitrogen into the subsoil. Which return to the water and destroy marine life. For this reason, various citizen initiatives have been launched to use this resource that comes from the sea: If life gives you sargassum.

Social Responsibility of the entrepreneur

Make your house with it! Omar Vázquez is a visionary who has been working with sargassum for several years; He first use it as fertilizer and now as an ingredient to make adobe blocks with which he can build houses at low cost. A part of his house was converte into a laboratory. It was there where the idea ​​creating Thailand Phone Number List bricks made of earth, sargassum and weather-resistant organic matter was born. This material insulates heat and does not require binders between blocks due to the natural algae glue. «I am not a scientist. Nor a biologist, but so much fertilizer and detergent that we have thrown away. Couple with global warming, means that more and more sargassum arrives. “Now it hardly leaves our money all year.” The construction of a house uses about 20 tons of drie seawee.

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This company transforms sargassum into shoes

So with the arrival of sargassum this year to the Riviera Maya, about 50 thousand homes could be built. Social Responsibility of the entrepreneur According to Omar Vázquez, with proper maintenance, his buildings last up to 120 years standing. These houses are designe for those people who think about the environmental Africa Phone Number impact that each construction generates, but also for those who have low resources; A home like the one Vásquez builds costs around 150 thousand pesos. Vázquez has a small block factory that employs 12 people from the area and also has a contract with a construction company to participate in the creation of a boutique hotel in Tulum. “The focus is on creating jobs and perfecting the blocks to make a positive social and environmental impact.

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