One of the most important campaign proposals of Justin Trudeau, president of Canada, was Has the to create an independent body with the ability to investigate Canadian companies operating abroad.Especially those in the extractive industry. The issue is relevant. Because the practices of many tend to affect human rights. Decisions of indigenous peoples and environmental care. However, after several initiatives and half-fulfilled promises, precise results Has the are still not seen. What is CORE and what have been its purposes? CORE is a body in charge of the Responsible Business Ombudsman that Justin Trudeau and his government have proposed to achieve Social Responsibility goals. CORE is in charge of: Advise Canadian companies on practices and policies based on responsible conduct. Study complaints made by individuals, organizations or groups, as well as possible violations of human rights.

What is core and what have been its purposes?

Offer informal mediation services. Issue recommendations to companies and accompany their implementation. Suggest sanctions (withdrawal of government trade support, payment of compensation or public apologies). However, the results have left much to be desired. CORE is not being sufficient and Venezuela Phone Number List has not achieved its objectives. Since it is considered that it does not even have research capacity: “Without independence and investigative powers, CORE is nothing more than a broken promise,” Emily Dwyer, coordinator of the Canadian Corporate Responsibility Network, wrote in the letter. Sheri Meyenhoffer, more than a success, causing controversy As a step towards achieving the stated aspirations. Sheri Meyerhoffer was chosen to lead CORE in April of this year. Meyerhoffer is a lawyer with experience in international cooperation and the consolidation of democratic institutions. But the news of her appointment was not well received.

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Hope to restore trust

The reason is that the Canadian lawyer also served as a lobbyist for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. Her development in the position of special advisor to the Minister of International Trade was highly criticized by calling into question the independence of her position. Regarding CORE, Meyerhoffer wishes to “carry Hong Kong Phone Number List out a joint investigation of the facts or, if this is not possible, to carry out an independent investigation of the facts”, as well as request documents and gather witnesses for these purposes. However, not everyone agrees with the lawyer’s intentions. Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade, said a legal group is analyzing whether it is possible and appropriate for Meyerhoffer’s request to proceed. The response has been expected since June, but so far there has been no news about it. Time… another negative point for Justin Trudeau’s purpose.

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