The key is to keep the design consistent so that viewers can access your entire portfolio with ease. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a document or PDF portfolio.
Include a “Table of Contents” page with page numbers for easier navigation. Incorporate links to landing pages or other relevant web pages if applicable. Only use images and videos that won’t lose resolution. Proofread your content for accuracy and clarity before submitting it. Save and back up a copy of your social media portfolio.
Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram allow you to create rich and interactive profiles that give potential employers an overview of your experience and skill set.

Social Media Portfolio Website

Not to mention, it’s the most literal example of what you can do!
Using a social media profile as your portfolio allows potential clients to see exactly how you lay out a page, post consistently, curate and create content, and even interact with your audience.
The downside is that not b2b email list every client is on every social media channel. So, you either need to be active everywhere or be sure to choose the most appropriate platform for your target audience.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a social media profile portfolio. Use a unique visual style on every platform. Be consistent with your branding. Post consistently, but prioritize quality over quantity.

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Don’t let any channels go stagnant. Regularly interact with your audience. Tag brands or influencers you’ve worked with as references. Provide links to your website to promote any additional work samples. Ready to start building your next portfolio? Get inspired by these amazing social media portfolio examples.
Website homepage showing picture of blonde woman in a field of sunflowers. Bnl media consulting is a social media agency based in Caseno Data vancouver, bc. Run by long-time social media expert, megan shallow, bnl media’s portfolio website showcases the agency’s expertise in creating content and running campaigns on social media.
About page of website picturing blonde woman smiling on blue background.

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