Cooperation begins at the moment of presenting the offer. At this stage, the client and the agency employee should together choose the most advantageous option, which on the one hand will allow taking action that can bring real results, and on the other hand will fit within the client’s budget. Before signing the contract, it is worth clarifying any doubts relat to the offer – this will help avoid misunderstandings later. Read carefully and, if necessary, ask what the contract is about, what fees are charg and what the notice period is. The client should also receive information with whom the SEO agency will contact. Access data and activity information Agreement sign.

The client knows his company

Customer – expect e-mails and phone calls. What can an SEO agency ask for in the first place? You can certainly expect a request for access data, allowing the agency to monitor the website or make optimization changes. Undoubtly, there will database also be questions about the client’s business some of them already at the stage of preparing the offer. This information allows, among others, for the right selection of keywords or the development of content for the website. best, and the employees of the SEO agency will not necessarily be experts in the industry in which they operate – and certainly not to the same extent as the owner of the company.


Clear division of tasks

He knows best which services or products are the priority, what goals he wants to achieve and what distinguishes him from the competition. the Caseno Data division of tasks. Example: who is responsible for implementing the optimization recommendations present in the website audit: webmasters on the client’s side, or maybe an SEO agency if it has qualifi employees who can undertake this task? Another example is developing content for a blog.

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