More than 50 million people have benefited from credit through Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus. Muhammad has become a social entrepreneur who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. His scheme has been replicated by other banks in the world. But today Yunus affirms that it is time to radically change the economic system. It’s time for another economic system: Yunus On his recent visit to Mexico, Yunus said: “we must find a way to redesign businesses so that they do not destroy, but rather protect all people and can save the planet. That’s the thing with sustainability: it’s not just about business sustainability. “Real sustainability is activities that create an environmentally and socially safe world.The man also known as the “banker of the poor” says that it is time to rethink the entire economic model, in order to privilege survival over the generation of wealth.

It’s time for another economic system

The problem I am trying to address is that the capitalist system works in terms of profit and capital maximization. And businesses are dedicate to pursuing these goals. That system is designed in the wrong way. It is not safe for the planet or people. “If you want the sustainability of the planet and the security of Pakistan Phone Number List people, we have to redesign the system, because today the path goes only one way: self-destruction.” And the challenge is getting bigger every time. On the one hand, social mobility  promoted to satisfy basic needs. And on the other, we must find a system where money is not a priority. “All the wealth of the planet. All the structures we create, are concentrate in a few individuals. A very small percentage of the people on the planet concentrate 99% of the wealth.

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Concern for the environment and society

If this gets worse, the tension we will create in society may be so explosive that no politician could handle it; there may be social conflicts. This is something similar to a time bomb, just waiting to explode if we can’t defuse it. Yunus emphasizes this because the economy also has an impact on the environment, and for this reason Singapore Phone Number we have to do something in favor of nature. According to him, the degradation of the environment and society is related to the tendency to replace labor with technology. We have celebrated Artificial Intelligence being better than human intelligence, which sounds great. It would be nice to relax and let the machines do the work, but in reality, technology replaces people on a massive scale. Muhammad Yunus Concern for the environment and society Mohammad Yunus not only focuses on the economy, but also on the environment and society.

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